I know it’s not a REAL Ghazal, but what the heck?

25 Oct 2015 – Ghazal Macabre

Good governance demands surplus: no lack of bums.
A fresh election, people vote: “bring back the bums”!

The bloated dead are winners if they weigh the most?
Survival seems the only worthwhile knack of bums.

A House in session – all are unsubstantial ghosts.
Each lobby’s lapdance climax – hear ’em smack their bums!

Do you prefer potential lovers raw, or roast?
Go hunt in yoga classes, sift through stacks of bums.

How quickly did a peoples’ shame become its boast!
The plumber’s known for just how well he cracks his bums!

Some pedal madly to the grave, I’d rather coast!
Dressage queens never seem to need to wax their bums.

So which: “Shit on a Shingle”? – or “Creamed Beef on Toast”?
The fundamental choice: do you like racks or bums?

“As stupid as a stick” some say. I’d say “a post”!
At daybreak all arise, pick shoes, and sack their bums.