19 Oct 2015 – Strong Men

In Hell a tyrant seems a saint.
Some say that’s bad, I say it ain’t.
It takes a fist to hold the gate
against competing hords of hate.

Hussein we hung, Iraq went too –
down through that trap door, like a stool.
A land of bitter sects and fools
now entertain the devils’ brood.

Gaddafi was, all men agree,
the crowned high king of lunacy,
but we just couldn’t let things be,
and now – a hell none dared foresee.

Mobarak was the next to Fall –
Tunisia seemed to offer all
some hope of succor from the gall,
the Sphinx’s eye – gouged with an awl.

And now Bashar al-Assad stands,
without a doubt the worst of man-
unkind, except perhaps the clan
of evil on his Eastern sands.

Our Disney dream of freedom’s door
has only lead to bloody wars,
and though it galls us to the core,
V. Putin’s nailed it on this score.