15 Oct 2015 – Me ‘an Pancho

Yeah, me ‘an Pancho were jus standin’ ’round,
our tongues were draggin’ in that dusty ground.
Soon we’d be saddlin’ it up for town
before the sun went down.

We got there right before the nightfall fell,
cantina roarin’ like some holy hell,
us wantin’ whiskey from a quiet well,
before the closin’ bell.

Dark-eye’d Consuelo gave the man kiss,
left Pancho sittin’ there in perfect bliss,
but some pendajo got up, good and pissed,
and challenges were hissed.

Pancho, he told me “get your horse and ride.
Don’t wait, amigo, ’til the pale moon hides.
Just point your pony to the river wide
and fly, amigo, fly!”

Pancho had bested couple dozen men,
I wasn’t worried, so I kept my grin.
That’s when he told me “you’re a fool, my friend!
all men must meet their end!”

That’s when I saw the glinting in his eye,
a freezing finger running up my spine.
I never thought the man would ever die,
and I had no reply.

He turned and headed through the swingin’ doors,
I knew his warning must not be ignored.
Paid up in silver and I found my horse –
that’s when I heard the roar.

Went through the gully and I left no tracks,
too scared to see who might be at my back.
the night was silent as a burlap sack –
except a single crack,

and then I heard a roarin’ back in town.
I found out later Pancho stood his ground,
but in the end the bastard gunned him down,
and I was not around.

So now I’m sittin’ on the other side.
That lonely river’s cold and deep and wide.
But I’m already makin’ up my mind.
I got someone to find,

and I’ll go back there at the break of day.
No point in words, ain’t got a lot to say,
‘cept “it’s for Pancho” in my own slow way,
and make that bastard pay.