for Liz, since she suggested the word…

14 Oct 2015 – Ghazal

We’re still stirring up unsanitary, steaming gobbets?
Hot computer-driven mills keep on machining gobbets!

Now that Kwanzaa’s in October better stop the presses –
Fall’s the sacred spending season – merchants preening gobbets!

Can a prostate still be trusted when the doctor’s probing?
Oh, sweet diesel discharge, drenching all in dreaming gobbets!

What’s trending? Have your peeps call in the bloody shark-fund traders!
Lights and cameras! Time to sell those soft-serve screaming gobbets!

Old Mordor’s CEO proposed a new portfolio:
fighting for her market share of bright and beaming gobbets.

Bully-pulpits sing and dance, the biosphere’s still dying.
Grifters leave ridiculous and unredeeming gobbets.

Battle friend, you can’t keep saving poor, pinheaded planets.
Now too much invested serving stupid, scheming gobbets.