12 Oct 2015 – Buyout

Buyout rumors rattle on the morning news.
Holding on forever only drags you down.
No one’s sayin’ ‘nuthin’ so it must be true.
Once the sharks get in they always go to town.

This was not a marriage made at heavens’ gate.
Bullys, thieves, and thugs have always set the tone.
All too often this gig was the one to hate.
Stay two steps ahead – hell, that’s the life you’ve known.

Only rich lives matter – let the rowers drown.
All our vaunted notions are a crock of crap.
“Working hard” – that notion’s held in great renown –
it’s just another piece of cheese to bait a trap.

Someone taught you what you do is who you are.
When there’s sleds to pull sled dogs are really cool.
Now the snow’s all melted you’re a knot of scars.
You believed them – you’ve spent your whole life a fool.