10 Oct 2015 – Save Us

Save us from the dreamers who would set the world aright.
Save us from reformers who would burn it down tonight.
We sing about The Garden – it’s a place we’ve never been –
but if we ever found it would they let us in again?

Save us from the statesmen who would sell us all for dirt.
The greedy opportunists who will rape us for dessert.
We keep constructing Heaven, but it never seems to last.
Three new ones since last Tuesday but they all sped by too fast.

We gotcher trigger fingers, they’re all itchin’ for a duel.
Anyone who’d arm the herd has got to be a fool.
We’ve lost all sense of reason. Congress? What a lazy bitch!
They’re all self-righteous liars who’re now puppets of the rich.

Save us from the crazy one that lives in all our souls.
Save us from the fool that keeps us diggin’ at that hole.
We look for Peace around us but we got no Peace inside.
The violence keeps on risin’ – it’s become a bloody tide.